Communion loan – is it worth taking a payday loan?

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By organizing such an important ceremony, which is the first Holy Communion we should remember to make this day something special for a child. It is therefore a considerable financial challenge for both parents and invited guests. A loan for the first communion is one of the quick cash solutions. We checked which loan companies offer the best offers.

A loan for the first communion – last minute idea!

A loan for the first communion - last minute idea!

From year to year, the frame of Holy Communion is associated with increasing expenses. Parents must allocate a minimum of 3.6 thousand for the organization of the event. zł. Not much less will spend godparents, for whom the costs of this ceremony are associated with expenses within 1.2 thousand. $, and for other guests approx. $ 650 1.

The way of financing expenses related to the child’s first communion is a separate issue. Due to the fact that its date is known to the family much earlier, both parents and guests have time to join it with a ready solution. And so, some cover the first communion costs from savings, others – from current income, and others – borrow from the family or use the help of lenders. What does taking payday pay for the first communion involve?

A quick cash injection? Time for an online loan!

A quick cash injection? Time for an online loan!

The reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist in accordance with Christian tradition is an extraordinary event in the lives of the youngest. On this occasion, we have been observing the trend of giving children not only money, but also “miracles” of electronics for several years. Every year new and more unusual gifts appear. And so, next to a bicycle, jewelry or prayer book, laptops, tablets and smartphones are in the lead 2.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are holding a celebration or preparing a gift, you must carefully plan all expenses. When deciding on a loan for the first communion, each step must be carefully thought out and the application completed responsibly.

Before signing the contract, read the contract terms carefully and if in doubt, consult your loan advisor. And just as important, count whether you can cover the cost of the loan from your own income within the set time.

A communion loan – not as bad as it is painted

A communion loan - not as bad as it is painted

The most important feature of online loans is that they are helpful to people who have no creditworthiness, permanent employment or regular income. However, it is also a good solution when you care about time. An online communion loan does not require a pile of formalities that awaits the applicant in each bank. Check: Loans without BIK.

Increasingly, lenders offer their first free payday loans for first communion. This means that you give back exactly the same as you borrowed. No additional costs, interest or fees. There is one condition: timely debt repayment. And all this “right away” from the comfort of your own home, without visiting the branch and showing income certificates!

All you need to get a loan is a valid ID, Polish bank account and phone number, as well as your current email address.

First communion loan – payday rankings

First communion loan - payday rankings

For most borrowers, the most important parameter when choosing a commitment is the time it is received. Therefore, a loan for the first communion is a loan for any purpose, which you can as well spend on renting a room, buying a communion gift, organizing dinner, ordering a photographer or even visiting a hairdresser and cosmetician.

Before applying, be sure to check in which banks the loan company has bank accounts. The time you get money depends on it. When a given banking institution is served by a lender, you will receive the money the same day. And even in 15 minutes!

A gift for a child? Here is a list of communion gifts

A gift for a child? Here is a list of communion gifts

What to present to a child for communion so that it is at the same time “awesome”, valuable and associated with the person giving it? Gifts for both the girl and the boy are very similar to each other. Here is a list of the most popular gifts along with approximate prices.

  • Holy Bible – the most valuable souvenir from the point of view of the Catholic faith. In the bookstore you will find many types of writings: with or without pictures, written in simple language and in biblical style. Engraved Bibles are also available on the market. Price: $ 50 -200.
  • Rosary – another religious attribute that you can adjust to your child’s preferences and gender. Price: from 50 $ to 1,000 $.
  • Money – the most widespread and popular gift. Often also treated as a safety gift. Amount: depends on your own financial capabilities.
  • Jewelry – a good alternative to the rosary and medal. In jewelry stores you will find many original sets in different styles. Price: from $ 100 to $ 1,000.
  • The bicycle – despite the fact that children in the 21st century are interested in electronics is still a great gift – not outdated! Price: depending on the model, from $ 200 to $ 2,000.
  • Trip – a rather creative gift that will give your child unforgettable moments. How about a trip to Disneyland, for example? Every child dreams about it and more! Price: from 1,000 $ to 2,000 $.
  • Courses – any kind of further training of the young student will broaden his horizons and teach new skills. This could be, for example, a dance, instrument or language course. Price: from $ 200 to $ 1,200.
  • Musical equipment – this concept covers many musical gadgets. Starting with the purchase of a modern speaker, bluetooth headphones or iPod. Price: from 100 $ to 600 $.
  • Drone – a great idea can also be to buy an innovative gift for a young man, which is a drone. It stimulates the imagination and gives a chance to develop passion. Price: from $ 100 to $ 2,000.

A loan for communion – a modern form of crediting

A loan for communion - a modern form of crediting

Each communion expense should be approached with a lot of reason and awareness that nothing will be done by itself. The fact is that the cost of the event can be expensive and reach several thousand dollars. However, this is not the most important thing – but the time spent authentically with your loved ones.

If you want to diversify it even more, you can try to get a loan. The clear rules of the lenders we offer will not surprise you with any extra costs – and with the help of extra cash you will be fully ready for the communion ceremony!