Credit Despite Credit Bureau Entry Experience

December 17, 2019 0 Comments

Strictly speaking, there is no “credit despite Credit Bureau” or “credit despite Credit Bureau entry”. The only financing you receive is a “loan despite poor creditworthiness”. In principle, every consumer has an entry with Credit Bureau, although this has nothing to do with the actual credit rating. Despite Credit Bureau with the mini loan, Credit Bureau is again just such an advertising story without a basis.

Acknowledgment despite Credit Bureau experience – what can I expect?

Acknowledgment despite Credit Bureau experience - what can I expect?

The loan application would not have been necessary. Because you have no credit with a bad Credit Bureau at the credit institutions in Germany. Additional security is already required to ensure that the credit institutions based in this country grant you a loan. This is due to the bad Credit Bureau, which stands for poor creditworthiness, which is as much as unreliable debtors.

The credit institutions are obliged to check the Credit Bureau. A negative entry signals for the house bank that you represent an excessive residual risk. The fact is that you don’t have a negative booking because there were problems paying an invoice. Therefore, increased coverage is required to cover this risk.

If you have a family member or a friend of yours with sufficient creditworthiness to guarantee your loan, you can get a loan from German credit institutions. The low interest rates on loans that credit institutions are currently promoting so intensively can only be obtained from domestic credit institutions, especially from online banks. But you need the well-known good Credit Bureau or a co-guarantor.

If you don’t have both, there are still credits that you can get without a guarantor. However, due to the great potential that can be shown for a house bank because of a bad Credit Bureau, you still have to pay the creditor large amounts. With small credits without checking the Credit Bureau, which can also be obtained as Credit Bureau-free express credit, you still have to calculate with further expenses.

Pay fixed flat rate

Pay fixed flat rate

With this variant you have to pay a fixed flat rate. Especially if you only need a small amount of credit, this commission seems high. But there is hardly any alternative because of the bad Credit Bureau, so it is advisable to check and compare the credit terms of the individual express lenders without Credit Bureau.

Because of the bad Credit Bureau you have no choice. When comparing, pay attention to the interest rate, the fees for the express loan and the fees for the extension of the term. Where you see the least expense for yourself, make the credit application.